STOP – The quality of your Niche determines the quality of your life

STOP – The quality of your Niche determines the quality of your life



The Most Comprehensive Course covering all the elements of Niche/IKAGAI(An Area Of Expertise) that enable you to find out HOW TO START an Online Earning and Built the Digital Assets

NDE is Guiding the Students, Businessman, Professionals  & Hustlers to Start ONLINE EARNING & Built Digital Assets

I am glad to join the course ( Niche Mastery) which is conducted by Rakesh sir. This course is very much useful for student who is interested in digital assets. This course is for 21 days (Level-1) and I am very much interested to join it and this course is helping us to find our niche and how we can work on it. Now, at last, I would like to thank Mr Rakesh sir for this great course. thank you so much, sir. 

Prajjawal Thakur

I am Aarzoo Yadav from class 10. This webinar(Niche Mastery) is helping us to achieve our goal. I am very glad to be part of this webinar. Thank Rakesh sir for conducting this course. (Niche Mastery) is really awesome! And interesting. I am loving to be part of this for 21 days (Level-1).

Aarzoo Yadav

I have been very delighted to join this webinar conducted by our Educator Mr Rakesh sah sir. thank you sir for giving us such a great opportunity to learn about new things and within 21 days of live Online classes, I have been benefited a lot and also I have gained a lot of knowledge about “NICHE” and How to start an online journey. I’m willing to join these classes for the upcoming days as well.

Prince Singh


<img src=“7fca0d00-2a6e-4254-b109-1a5fd435a485-removebg-preview-4.png” alt=“Merry Baghwar is gold medalist in english and pratibha awardee ” title=“Merry Baghwar”>

Gold Medalist in English

⇒Pratibha Awardee in English

⇒English Lecturer at Kolkata University

⇒Public Speaker

⇒Mission to help people globally in English Language


 <img src=“rajesh-nepali.jpg” alt=“Rajesh Nepali is the certified NLP practitioner” title=“Rajesh Nepali”>

Certified NLP Practitioner

⇒Life Coach

⇒International Speaker

⇒Digital Entrepreneur

⇒Mission to empower people to earn income from Home



<img src=“700_3628-scaled.jpg” alt=“Rakesh Sah is the founder and ceo of nepal digital education” title=“Rakesh Sah”>

⇒Founder at Nepal Digital Education

Niche Coach

⇒Web Developer

⇒Digital Marketer

⇒IBC at Bada Business PVT LTD

⇒Educator at Gyan Jyoti Secondary School

⇒Mission to Help Students, Working Professional, Entrepreneur, Businessman, Housewife & Hustler in their Digital Presence.

What exactly will you learn?

Massive Learnings

(Topics Being Covered)

<img src=“ikagai-book-cover.png” alt=“Niche or IKIGAI is the japanese trick or tactic to live happy life” title=“NICHE”>


<img src=“Graphic-designing.png” alt=“Graphic designing course helps you to edit your photo and video for digital presence” title=“GRAPHIC DESIGNING”>


<img src=“Digital-marketing.png” alt=“Digital marketing part 1 helps you to get free leads for your business” title=“ORGANIC DIGITAL MARKETING”>


<img src=“public-speaking.png” alt=“Public speaking helps you to sell your product and services easily” title=“PUBLIC SPEAKING”>


<img src=“Personality.png” alt=“Personality development is essential to build the brand” title=“PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT”>


<img src=“Gmail.png” alt=“Gmail is the google service that helps you to send mail all over the world within second” title=“GMAIL”>


<img src=“powerpoint.png” alt=“Powerpoint program helps you to create the attractive presentation for your business” title=“POWERPOINT”>


<img src=“Untitled-design-10.png” alt=“Micro Niche is the secret of all successful influencer” title=“MICRO NICHE”>


<img src=“Video-mastery.png” alt=“Video mastery program helps you to create professional video for digital presence” title=“VIDEO MASTERY”>


<img src=“Digital-marketing-1.png” alt=“Digital marketing part 2 helps you to get paid leads for your business” title=“PAID MARKETING”>


<img src=“Story-telling.png” alt=“Storytelling helps you to sell your product and services and makes you champion in attracting leads” title=“STORYTELLING”>


<img src=“Leadership.png” alt=“Leadership skill helps you to guide the right path to the team members and lead the organisation” title=“LEADERSHIP SKILL”>


 <img src=“GoogleSheet.png” alt=“Google sheet maintain all the records of the business and employes” title=“GOOGLE SHEET”>


<img src=“GoogleDocs.png” alt=“Google docs helps to create the documents” title=“GOOGLE DOCS”>


<img src=“Social-media.png” alt=“social media mastery makes you capable of handling different social media accounts wisely to build your brand” title=“Social Media Mastery”>


<img src=“web-development.png” alt=“web development course in nepali helps you to build your professional website for your business” title=”WORDPRESS WEBSITE”>


<img src=“NLP.png” alt=“NLP helps you to boost your performance by improving focus on your work” title=“NLP”>


<img src=“Sales.png” alt=“Sales helps you to run business smoothly” title=“SALES”>


<img src=“Designthinking.png” alt=“Design thinking is important for the sustainability of the company” title=“DESIGN THINKING”>


<img src=“Google Form” alt=“Google Form is used to create form for different campaign or research to collect the data of customers” title=“GOOGLE FORM”>


<img src=“GoogleSlide.png” alt=“Google slide helps to to make dynamic premium presentation for professional business” title=“GOOGLE SLIDE”>


A Must Enroll Course for Everyone




Working Professionals




Business Owners

Course Completion Certificate

<img src=“Certificate.png” alt=“After completion of program students get award and certificate” title=“Certificate”>

Your Investment

<img src=”level1.png” alt=“Niche or IKIGAI is the real way to earn money from online” title=“Niche mastery Program”>
<img src=”level2.png” alt=“Best digital marketing course in birgunj nepal” title=“Rakesh Sah”>
<img src=”level3.png” alt=“Best leadership, mindset and personality development course in Nepal” title=“Nepal Digital Education Program”>

Total value: $4,200.00

Our Price: $381.00

You pay only: $149.00


A great introductory course (Niche Mastery) to the world of online teaching and learning. I am grateful to have undergone this course, especially considering the current circumstances. Highly recommended. It has been a great advantage course for the students of the young generation. As the coming generation is very curious towards the technologies. Your course makes us more clear towards our goal.

Sonu Gupta

I am Mayank Sharma and I am attending the online classes from our Respected Rakesh sir. He teaches us about Niche & Digital presence. He teaches in the best way and it’s easy to communicate with him due to the live class of 21 days in level-1 of Niche Mastery. I am applying the knowledge which I got from him in my blogging and I am getting good response from people side.  

Mayank Sharma

Before the online course (NICHE Mastery) I had no knowledge and ideas to choose the right profession but because of Mr Rakesh Sah now I have many ideas and knowledge about Niche. I want to thank our sir for providing us with this knowledgeful online course for 21 days in level-1. Now I can go in the right direction to choose my profession and I want to suggest everyone join this online course as soon as possible because it is a very interesting and helpful online course.

Manzar Aalam

<img src=“shaila-insta-feedback.png” alt=“Shaila is one of our students of niche mastery program” title=“Online presence”>
<img src=“nareshbhandari-feedback.png” alt=“Naresh Bhandari is one of our students of niche mastery program” title=“Online presence”>
<img src=“ravish-insta-feedback.png” alt=“Ravish is one of our students of niche mastery program” title=“Online presence”>

5 Days FREE MASTERCLASS – No Questions Asked
Money Back Guarantee

We stand by our product as the fastest & most reliable Niche Mastery program ever created.
If it doesn’t yield those results for you, or for any reason If you are not fully satisfied with Niche Mastery for any reason, just let us know within 7 days for a full refund of your purchase price. No hassles, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt, courteous refund.


What will I get once I enroll to the course?

Just click on the “YES, I WANT TO LEARN AND GROW” button, complete your GOOGLE Form and you are good to go. You will receive the access details on your registered email id or What’s APP. You get lifetime access to Niche Mastery Videos, MP3 files, E-Books & Case Studies.

How much time will it take to complete the course?

The time duration to complete the course varies from person to person. However, on your registered email id OR What’s App, you will be sent a suggested schedule to complete all the modules in the course. It is recommended that you complete the course in around 21 days (LEVEL:1) so that you get enough time to practice all the learnings.

How will an online course help me?

The course has been specifically designed for beginner students who want to earn online and built digital assets. You will be guided from the basics of niche to the most advanced level in a systematic manner. This course is a result of my past 8 years of experience and it is a guaranteed formula to enhance your confidence. All that I need from you is a dedicated effort and commitment for your growth and success. As the course is online so you can learn(ZOOM) at your own convenience at your house. You get access to the course for a lifetime so you can always go back and refer to any module whenever required.

What if I miss a Live Training?

It is recommended that you attend the trainings’ live so that all your questions can also be answered in real time. However, if you are not able to attend any training then you will get access to the recorded video over your registered email id. You will be notified about the trainings’ date well in advance so that you can adjust your schedule accordingly.

Will I get a "One on One Training" from Rakesh Sah

The live training is being done specifically so that you can get personalised attention from Rakesh. However, if you still feel that there is any particular thing that you need guidance about then write a mail to Rakesh and he will be more than happy to help you. The motive here is to make you successful.

Will I be charged any extra amount for the Live Trainings as well?

No. The only amount that you need to pay for this course for a lifetime is $ 99.00. Amazing! Isn’t it!!

Afraid of investing?

The Quality of your Niche determines the Quality of your Life. Niche Mastery is the most comprehensive course to learn how to start an online journey and built digital assets, multiply social media reach and increase your influence abilities. We are so confident about our course that we offer a 5 Days No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. We know that this course works & it has worked for hundreds of students all over Nepal. We can proudly say that to date there has not been even a single person who has asked for a refund. Enrol Now and prepare yourself to live the Extra Ordinary Life that you deserve.

Click the ” ENROLL ” button above now and I look forward to hearing about the incredible results you’re going to experience.

Rakesh Sah

Remember you’ll either become capable to find the perfect Niche, exact strategy to earn online, built digital assets, or you pay nothing.

The only way you can lose here is if you walk away empty-handed.